Cumulatively small decisions, choices, actions, make a very big difference.

-Jane Goodal-

Ocean Conservancy Seminar, 28 November 2019

It was the first time a martial arts school organized a seminar on Ocean Conservancy with All For Blue. The excitement of the children was such that they were already eager to move from theory to practice and to clear the seas and coasts with us.

The seminar was held at the Fighting Team School of World Championships champion Natasa Pontika and Vladimir Nazarenko in Kipseli. All For Blue gladly accepted the invitation but also the “challenge” to introduce children to the marine world and teach them ways to become cleaner and longer lasting.

Together with us was the representative of the π3 organization Amaryllis Angouridakis who, as a swimming athlete, informed the students in detail about the issue of litter during sport events. 

In the end, everyone was excited to receive the All ForBlue Certification Attendance Certificate, thus giving us the pleasure of adding new people to our environmental alert chain.

The seminar aims to reinforce the worldwide campaign to conserve the planet, where through our acquaintance with the kingdom of sharks and the underwater world, the importance of keeping our ‘home’ as the sea is emphasized.

The goal is to make children more aware through funny activities, with the help of audiovisual and artistic means. Because as the people of the organization point out, “the sea needs allies”. 

At the same time, we want to show alternative ways, that can replace disposable plastics that are the main enemy of the ecosystem and negatively affect our lives and how these ways can become a habit. Because as the founder of All For Blue points out, “if we want to continue to enjoy the seas and the oceans, it’s really urgent to take action. We are the last generation that can make a difference. “

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