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Our Story

We grow up in a marine family and our origins are from Crete island which is surrounded by beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, so since our childhood we learnt to respect and protect the sea.  

The summer of 2018, we started to visualize one of our projects that we had in mind long ago. Our vision was to create an environmental nonprofit organization focused on plastic pollution and how we can prevent and eliminate it through preventive and sustainable actions. 

We decided to name the organization as π³ (pi3), we got the inspiration from Greek letter π and the 3 words, plastic-pollution-prevention.

We are part of the community which believes that plastic pollution could be reversible if we act together. We are convinced that change start with us.  We will act for a sustainable future, not only by thinking how to eliminate the damage caused by plastic pollution but by creating new opportunities to leave a better life, with less!!

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What we do...


Our actions have as main goals the plastic pollution elimination from our oceans and to raise awareness on the issues emerge from such pollution. This is achieved through beach clean-ups, education of young generation at school and through sports, waste management, and promotion of alternative sustainable solutions instead of plastic usage. 

Sustainable Sport events

My brother and I, as Co- Founders of π³, we spent half of our lives in water- sports. My brother was a water polo athlete, I was a synchronised swimmer and later on I joined the swimming team. I was member of the National Team of Greece in both sports for almost 10 years. Now we are participating in open water swimming events and through our organization we want to combine our love for sports and our care for ocean, spreading the word of sustainable sport events.

Sustainability looks at the triple bottom line: the economic, social and environmental impacts of an event. Sustainability must be built-in, not bolted-on, should be about the essence of what a company does every day and how it does it, sustainability should be placed at the heart of the event. 

Our mission is to plan, promote and built your sustainability program, to eliminate your environmental footprint, add value to local community and support circular economy of your event.

Meet our Team

Amaryllis Angouridaki

Co-Founder CEO

Orestis- Pantelis Angouridakis

Co- Founder CFO

Maria Maragkaki

Digital Marketing Director

Panos Sinopoulos

Business Development & Volunteers Director

Konstantinos Karanikos

Procurement Director

Nikos Sfakianakis

Volunteers Coordinator