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Our Story

Growing up in a marine family and hailing from the island of Crete with its breathtaking beaches and crystal clear waters, we learned from a young age to observe and admire the beauty of the sea while respecting and protecting it. Our passion for the environment and desire to prevent plastic pollution led us to embark on a long-term project that would benefit the environment through sustainable practices. In the summer of 2018, we began visualizing and working towards the creation of an environmental non-profit organization with a special focus on plastic pollution and how we can prevent it. We came up with the name π³ (pi3), inspired by the Greek letter π combined with the three words; plastic-pollution-prevention. As members of the community, we strongly believe that plastic pollution is a reversible issue, hence we are committed to working together to make a difference. Our aim is to achieve a sustainable future, not only by reducing the damage caused by plastic pollution but by creating new opportunities that allow us all to lead better lives with less impact on our environment.

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What we do...


Our primary objectives are to eradicate plastic pollution from our oceans and to create awareness about the consequent issues. This is accomplished by organizing beach clean-up drives, imparting education to younger generations through academic institutions and sports, practicing proper waste disposal, and actively promoting alternative sustainable solutions, thereby eliminating the need for plastic.

Sustainable Sport events

Our Team share a passion for the exhilarating world of water sports, and we have dedicated a significant part of our lives to practicing and honing our skills in this domain. We have had the privilege of representing Greece in national and international competitions in synchronized swimming and water polo, making us proud members of the Greek National team. We currently devote ourselves to various sport events, and we run an esteemed organization referred to as π³.

Our organization is primarily focused on promoting sports events that display an unwavering commitment to protecting the environment, supporting the local community, and promoting responsible use of financial resources. At π³, we believe that taking care of the environment should not be a bolted-on addition but rather a built-in aspect of every aspect of our day-to-day activities. It is our core mandate to assist event organizers in making their events sustainable and friendly to the environment, ensuring that they cause minimal environmental damage and provide valuable support to the local communities.

Our approach to achieving this objective is multipronged, and it involves utilizing innovative circular economy models, reducing harm to the environment, and significantly contributing to the growth of the local economy. We are determined to make the world a better place by taking every necessary step to ensure that our events resonate with our values of sustainability and community growth.

Meet our Team

Amaryllis Angouridaki

Co-Founder CEO

Orestis- Pantelis Angouridakis

Co- Founder CFO

Maria Maragkaki

Digital Marketing Director

Panos Sinopoulos

Business Development & Volunteers Director

Konstantinos Karanikos

Procurement Director

Nikos Sfakianakis

Volunteers Coordinator