Cumulatively small decisions, choices, actions, make a very big difference.

-Jane Goodal-

10th Navarino Challenge

Proud and honored to participate in the 10th Navarino Challenge on 21-23 October, as Sustainability partners in the beautiful area of Costa Navarino and Yialova! 

Positive vibes from inspiring people! With the participation of more than 3000 athletes, Navarino Challenge, through its core message #sportsunitepeople, brought together people of all ages and different backgrounds. Young or middle-aged, children or elder, families or individuals, everyone were welcome!

The event followed the ideals of the Olympic Movement, contributing towards the development of a peaceful and better world without any discrimination, through sports, promoting the benefits of exercise. Navarino Challenge promotes the Olympic ideal highlighting that the important thing in life is not to triumph but to compete.

Promoting sports for all with the participation of role-model athletes (Olympic Medalists, World Champions) the event focused on the respect for equality and diversity through sports, and the education of youth through sports, without any kind of discrimination, maintaining the principles of the Olympic spirit and ideals, which require mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship and brotherhood.

Furthermore, considering the global issue of inactivity of youth, the event exhorts young people to get involved in games and sports, through the Active Kids program, by adding even more kids’ activities.

For yet another year, the sporting event supported the fight against childhood obesity through raising awareness on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Regarding sustainability, the event adopted eco-friendly strategies to protect nature and create the ideal sport ecosystem. Finally, Navarino Challenge cooperated with charitable organizations and invites everyone to make their… challenge count, by helping those in need.

Thank you Navarino Challenge and Active Media for our organization support, through the movement Sharing is Caring one more year. The donations contribute to our mission and help us to keep fighting for a better world

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