Cumulatively small decisions, choices, actions, make a very big difference.

-Jane Goodal-

Beach Clean-up, Karteros beach, Heraklion 19 August 2019

The beach clean-up in Kartero’s area, near the old Xenia hotel in Heaklion, Crete, completed on August 19, 2019. More than 150 volunteers from 6 organizations participated and approximately 500kg of waste has been collected. This action can be described only with 2 words; “success” & “negligence”.

On the one hand, it was a success, because we proved one more time that collective actions can make the difference, can raise awareness and can improve the environment of local communitites. 

On the other hand, the human environmental footprint in this area, shows the negligence from citizens side to dispose properly their waste and to care about the environment. The majority of the collected waste, were domestic appliances which had been thrown away in the beach, transforming the area into dumping ground. 

Washing machines, vacuums, plastic chairs were among the collected equipment. This is not the place to be disposed!! The first step of a proper waste management starts from our homes and then it comes the responsibility of local municipalities to collect the waste. But we have to learn first how to recycle properly, what can be compost or not, what can be shared or re-used, what other alternatives are available.

This is the message we want to spread through our actions. We can make the difference if we change our habbits. 

There are many alternatives to recycle/ give a second chance to domestic appliances and enhance circular economy. Some of them are linked below:

We want to thank one more time all the volunteers that came to this action and the local organizations of Crete that make an extraordinary effort to keep Heraklion and other parts of Crete beautiful and clean! 


Heraklion Eco Voice


Greenteam UoC

Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Καρτερού- Πρασά

Thank you all!!

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