Cumulatively small decisions, choices, actions, make a very big difference.

-Jane Goodal-

Beach Clean-up, Vlite beach, Chania 11 August 2019

We gathered in Chania for a clean-up in the beach of Vlite, near the port of Soudas, after a local SOS for action. We coordinate the action together with the Green Team of DEDISA and almost in an hour, 15 volunteers collected 500 ltr of waste.

Our volunteers discovered that underneath the sand, more waste was buried. That means, the waste in this area is covered by the sand and the waves over the years. Once again, bad waste management and public unconsciousness lead to this results.  The Island of Crete is among the most popular travel destinations, and attracts local and foreign tourists and as a result the human environmental footprint is huge every summer period.

We should care about the environment, even if we are on vacation or not! It’s not “others concern” if we are on holidays, it is also our responsibility to leave nothing behind, wherever we are!

Once more, we would like to thank Spyros Petrakis from Green Team of Dedisa, who is positive every time to participate in such actions and all the volunteers who came and helped us to make a small contribution to this area of Chania.

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