Cumulatively small decisions, choices, actions, make a very big difference.

-Jane Goodal-

3rd Pineforest and Beach clean up, Schinias National Park, 20 July 2019

The 3rd Pineforest and beach clean up in Schinias National Park, was completed succesfully on July 20, 2019, in cooperation with NHSA (National Hellenic Student Association), Ethelon Organization and Poseidon Club. Thank you all for your participation and support to keep the environment clean.

In less than an hour, 50 volunteers collected almost 900 ltr of waste,  including a big mattress and an olive oil cannister, in the same area that we have cleaned up on April, during the action of Let’s Do it Greece. Unfortunately, nothing could be recycled from the collected waste, because the materials that could end up in recycling (plastic, glass) were so worn out , that their recycling process would be impossible. 

Once again, this shows the urgency of a proper waste management solution and the promotion of circular economy, to prevent the pollution of the environment and the ocean. During this summer period, that we are going for vacations and in the beaches, let’s make sure that we keep clean the places that we visit and that we educate the new generation for the importance of proper waste disposal, recycling and protection of our environment. 

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