Cumulatively small decisions, choices, actions, make a very big difference.

-Jane Goodal-

Athens Zero Waste Festival, 9 June 2019

The Athens Zero Waste Festival goes for a two-day stay at the municipal market of Kypseli. The Athens Zero Waste Festival, a co-production of Plastikourgeio and LUDD, invites the general public to discover that the zero-waste movement can be a moral, economic, effective and visionary goal. It guides us to change lifestyles and daily habits so that we can imitate viable physical cycles, where all the discarded materials are designed to be resources for others.

On 9th of June we participated in the festival and we spoke for the circular economy and the transition difficulties. How our culture should change in order to move from a linear to circular economy. Transition is essential for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. It requires holistic changes across the spectrum. From product redesigning, to new business and market models, from new ways to convert waste into resources to new ways of consumer behavior. This involves a full systemic change and innovation not only in technologies, but also in organization, society, funding methods and politics.

The development of a Circular Economy is a fundamental approach for the protection of the environment, the life quality upgrade, the humanization of living conditions and an opportunity to rethink our economic future.  Anything that previously was waste can be turned into raw material.

It was a great opportunity to meet all these people that want to be part of the change and realize that we are not alone!

Thank you Plastikourgeio for your kind invitation, it was an honor!


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