Cumulatively small decisions, choices, actions, make a very big difference.

-Jane Goodal-

Athens Marathon, The Authentic 11 November 2018

The 36th “Athens Marathon, The Authentic” completed on 11 November with a huge success. It was a day of record breaking in terms of overall participants, with 18,750 runners who entered the marathon and, adding various shorter distance events held in conjunction, a total of 55,000.

The last 5 years we go to support all the athletes in Pikermi, in the middle of the 42.5km distance, at the food point in 20km.  This year was different for us, since we were collecting also the plastic bottles and cups, gels, food from the street, assisting the dedicated volunteers of the event. The most amazing part was that soon others followed us, collecting with us, parents with their children and also the athletes!! They were stopping to throw their bottles in the recycle bags and not in the street and many of them followed their actions, so at the point that we were standing there was no trash (some gels maybe!). Next year hopefully, we will participate more actively in the event, supporting this cause and the environmental profile of the Authentic Marathon.

Congratulations to all athletes and hope to see you next year!  

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