Cumulatively small decisions, choices, actions, make a very big difference.

-Jane Goodal-

Sfougares Beach clean-up, Chania 21 October 2018

Sean R. Hettervik called for help at “Sfougares” beach in Afrata! Spyros Petrakis activated Platanias Municipality for the collection of plastic, which gave us also all necessary supplies and we participated together with Plasticfreegreece to our first beach clean up! Clean beaches in Kissamos team with their volunteers joined us for this action and their valuable help made the difference.  Almost 1,5 tons of plastic collected from our 25 volunteers!In this first clean-up we have carried out, we realized the devastating image of our oceans and this is just a small sample of this catastrophic use of plastic. 
Our environment, our oceans suffering because of our habits. It’s time to understand that this is not only our planet, we are not the only ones living here and furthermore, based on latest researches, this imprudent use and waste of plastic affects also OUR health! Let’s thought about that and the future we want for our children.
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  1. Lydia Isola

    Many hands make light work! Hope to see you again at another joined forces action!

    1. Teamwork is always better! For sure, we will meet again! We’ll keep you posted for our next actions! Thank you again for your valuable assistance and for protecting our island!

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